About US

We are NamParambariyam Agro Products, a Nature Agro company that believes in the goodness of nature.

Our Vision is to make NamParambariyam synonymous with Good Health and Conscious Living.

Our Mission is to promote health and traditional eco-conscious practices that bring back the goodness of nature in our food & follow the old traditional back to the roots method.

In an industrial age, where mass production is the norm, quality is often compromised to such extreme standards that consumers are unaware of what really goes into their food. To meet demands at low costs, products are heavily adulterated and the busy consumer is caught unawares.

We strongly believe that our future lies in the past. We adopt eco-friendly practices that build and sustain the delicate ecological balance of Mother Nature. By making conscious efforts, we ensure every single process and practice of ours is in harmony with the environment. What we take, we give back. The by-products are safe and used as cattle fodder or compost thus going back to nourish the very source it came from.

Our products are natural and produced through time-proven methods that retain maximum nutrition without using harsh chemicals. By leveraging our experience, expertise and skills, we ensure the highest quality of products to our customers.

Back to the Roots!

Advantages of storing oil in tin containers

  • Convenient and protective packaging.
  • Brilliant protection against water, oxygen and light.
  • Preserves antioxidants and contents naturally without preservatives.
  • 100% recyclable without loss in quality.
  • Ensures integrity of product through shelf life.